Computational models are a vital part of research in an increasing number of scientific domains. One difficulty with this is that computational models are generally too complex to be fully described in a traditional academic publication, making it hard for other researchers to replicate and build upon existing results. This is especially true for complex neural and cognitive models, where models can involve simulations of millions of interacting neurons or other complex cognitive structures.

To address this concern, and to provide additional examples for how Nengo has been employed in a research context, we have created this modelling repository. The goal is to provide enough information here that a researcher can run the models detailed in a particular publication or project, as well as gather and analyze the resulting data. We also want to encourage feedback from individuals running each others' models and to post re-implementations of each others' models.

The models here typically use Nengo, but other models are welcome.

If you are looking for simple example models for Nengo, be sure to see the Demo section of the Nengo website as well.